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Christine Litera

Real People...

...its time to get real and get it done in one intense weekend



The Business Blueprint Intensive

A three-day intensive workshop of making change and stepping up your game –

Reset and super-charge your mind, your body, and most importantly...

...your business.

​Who attends these intensive workshops?  People like you……

I know you….

You’re professional, you are so good at what you do and yet….over time….you’ve become stuck. Whether you are still employed, looking to get back into the game or already gone out on your own, you’re feeling overwhelmed and uncertain…like you are working for your staff or your clients, or even your family. That its no longer fun and you are working harder and longer hours but seemingly to less and less money.

Your overheads have quadrupled, everything seems more complex and there are times when you have even questioned yourself and your own ability.  You are someone who knows your shit and you know that your quality and delivery are the best….but how do you get that out where you are.  How do people find you, how do you get a team that understands what you are trying to achieve and work for you, how do you make money….

I see that your life has taken over you.  The commitments that you make every day that puts everyone else ahead of you.  You keep coming in last in the importance stakes.


I also see you burning for change.  That deep grinding firepit in your belly that doesn’t have time for months of auditing and fact-finding to scheduled coaching…you want to change.  You want results.

And you want them NOW.

We call it an intensive workshop for a good reason….over the three days you will…. Learn and create everything you need to make and embed change in your life and business.

Are you ready to take your business to a place you can only dream of right now?

"​What would I do without you?? Go mad probably.
I so appreciate all the ways that you have contributed to my practice"

So you’ve been working in your business for a while, would you like to work on it?

Here’s what we will build together:

  • ​Your Business Plan
  • ​Your implementation plan to achieve your goals
  • ​Your Future Organisation Chart
  • ​Your products and services
  • ​Your online business ideas

Here’s what you will come away with:

  • ​Your Roadmap and Success Blueprint
  • ​Product ideas
  • ​Online content
  • ​Certainty
  • ​A success mindset
  • ​Network of accountability coaches
  • ​Your way forward

​This is not a course or a seminar... and its NOT for the faint-hearted

This intensive workshop is a kickstarter to take your life and your business and sling-shot them forward. You will not be sitting in a theatre of a thousand people madly taking notes that you will never have the opportunity to implement, you will be working with me and a very small peer group of carefully selected business owners

IN MY HOME on the beautiful GOLD COAST

in an intimate setting where you will have the opportunity to work with me, ON your business.

We talk, then we DO. Here is what’s included:

For Your Business

  • ​1:1 business planning – You + Me = Your business
  • ​Intimate group strategy sessions
  • ​Mindset workshop
  • ​Tailored coaching

For Your Body

  • ​Workshop lunches and snacks – Real food
  • ​Morning meditation sessions
  • ​Evening PT sessions
  • ​Private dinner ​

Are you ready to take your business to a place you can only dream of right now?

​Meet Your Coach...

​​Christine has been growing businesses through leadership, organisational design, workforce planning and strategy for more than 20 years.  She now speaks on global stages and most recently published her book Grow Your People Grow Your Business.

Having commenced her career in global corporations and big 4 firms, Christine now specialises in working with business leaders, moving them from where they are today, to where they want to be.

​When Christine isn’t leading her clients to success, she is to be found working with her global team, running her own online platforms, kickboxing or being ‘just’ mum.

​​"Thanks for the great session. Certainly some tough conversations and some deep thinking but I’m so excited…."

What if you could...

  • ​Have your blueprint mapped out so you know exactly how to reach your goals
  • ​Have certainty about your value in your market and with your products
  • ​Know ‘what’s next’ in your business and how to break that $ barrier
  • ​Have a plan to refer to whenever you get stuck
  • ​Truly understand what it takes to build a successful business and team

​...and what if you could get all that done in just...

...​3 Days

Are you ready to take your business to a place you can only dream of right now?


​Who is this course for?

​What is included in the cost?

​Do I need to have a business already?

​Is it only for people on the Gold Coast?

​What Our Clients Say


​it literally felt like you were holding our hand.  I appreciated someone who was available and could break things down into steps so our dreams didnt feel so overwhelming 


​thank you for all your wisdom and guidance while navigating the growth we have undergone.  we have really benefitted


​Christine kept me solution focused.  She has an insane amount of experience and is insightful and progressive in her thinking; easily able to anyalyse our industry and understand our businessand goals


​having Christine in our corner gives me the confidence and knowing that we are doing things for the right reason and we have set the foundations for our future success


Are you ready to take your
business to a place you can only
dream of right now?